Culture is Data

R&D, 2013

"Culture is Data" is an exploratory project, focused on Open Data and Data Viz. The idea here was to show what's possible to achieve when you take a big load of interesting data such as our country's cultural activity and put it through automated visualization techniques.

Easier said than done... We first had to work for a while on raw data, a dataset from the French Ministry of Culture and Communication that included every cultural event happening in France and was available online thanks to Etalab, the French government agency in charge of open data projects. Indeed data entry depends on the good will of French cities, "Départements" and "Régions" officials: it is not a systematic process. But it still gives a pretty good idea, in terms of volume and location, of what is happening in France when it comes to cultural events, which was the goal of our exploration.

Download the poster (PDF), and dive into French data!