Green Creative, 2015

Sorting waste selectively is easy. Especially when the waste bin does it for you.

Green Creative, an up and coming start-up from Paris asked the studio to turn its selective waste bin for office buildings "R3D3" into a service.

R3D3 detects and accepts empty plastic bottles, aluminum cans and plastic cups. Typical coffee machine waste. It uses 3 distinct, integrated bins to store them after an extremely efficient compression.

A smart trash can, in two ways at least

Not only does R3D3 selectively pick waste, it is also capable of monitoring its usage or alerting technicians when maintenance is required.

User Studio designed the service and user interfaces for web, mobile and tablet applications allowing SaaS management of several R3D3's, including the monitoring of alerts, the generation of PDF reports…

R3D3? Probably the coolest connected product on the market.